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Andrea gets a little pre-race attention

P-R 2001

Calm before the storm- Compeigne.

P-R 2001

Covered in mud, 2001 Paris-Roubaix.

Burgos Win

The comeback is complete! Andrea wins Stage 1 of the Vuelta a Burgos in solo style

The Winner

Crossing the finish line- Vuelta a Burgos stage win


Andrea in 2nd Place on the podium at the Firenze-Pistoia Time Trial


Wearing #1 as last year's winner, Andrea hunts down the break at Paris-Tours

Tour of Flanders

Leading the way in Flanders

Positive Thinking

"Just put in your head 'Roubaix' and your place on top will wait for you" The tifosi speak!


Both former winners, they celebrate Ballo's farewell performance at Paris-Roubaix


Recovery complete and ready to race!


"La dedica per la mia famiglia, che mi stata vicina nei momenti difficili". Andrea dedicates the win to his family.

On the front, with Brama, Scinto and Forna


Paris-Tours World Cup race. Andrea makes a late bid to bridge up to the leaders.